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About us

Mino Law Firm is  a comprehensive law firm located at Irvine, CA. Established by Attorney Michael Ye as a founding partner. The law firm upholds the interests of clients, meets their individual needs, and provides clients with a full range of high-quality legal services with its rich case handling experience and professional knowledge.

The meaning of our logo is "mutual trust and mutual achievement". We believe . We will live up to your trust and help you solve problems.

Keeping promises with sincerity

Accurate and professional

With promise, no excuses

       ——Faith of Mino Law Group

Join us

  • Attorney 

Draft legal documents for immigration cases, including memos, briefs, and petition letters. Provide legal consultations and opinions and represent for family and employment-based immigration clients. Offer legal advice to EB-5 immigration clients on lawful funds, investment risks, and U.S. legal status pursuits. Assist in L-1A applications. Stay updated on USCIS policies and immigration laws for timely client actions. Master's degree in law and licensed to practice law in a minimum of one U.S. State is required. Send resume to Mino Law Group, 16470 Bake Parkway, Suite 200, Irvine CA 92618.

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